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Posted: December 31, 2011 in MCKENNAH

BYE BYE all-a-body!!!


Welp….This is it!  The last time that you will have to read about my menu choices and results.  It has been one hell of a journey/project/undertaking.  Both the diet and the blog have been a lot of fun and work at the same time.  But it was also the perfect medium for me…just the right amount of accountability.

I am not bold enough to my beginning or ending weight out there for the world….or my 6 subscribers out there.  But I will tell you that since I started 10/2010 I have lost a total of  52.4 POUNDS!!  I started off as a size 22 and ended in a 14.

I did a combination of WeightWatchers, HCG and Anorexia.  I made it up to 3.5 miles/hour walking 1 hour 3 times a week and reduced my heart rate and blood pressure in the process.

I have gotten back into my wedding dress and wedding jeans.  I had a pic’s taken in November that needed NO photo shopping!!  🙂  And have started to actually like what I look like in family pictures.

I am no done yet…there is still one number left that I MUST see on the scale!  After that…who knows.  Thank you for all of your support, comments, LIKES and well…..for making me feel like there is someone out there reading this.

As for this week SPECIFICALLY  up one 😦  Despite my raging hangover and the inability to keep down sprite for 24 hours…I gained.  Jesus – wonder what the number would have been had I not gone on a Wednesday bender.

WOW!  Those stupid games on Facebook have become pretty annoying to me.  They are the ones that start off with the instruction: Look at the 10 people on the left side of your page NO CHEATING!!  I have grown to HATE them.  You would too if you were constantly listed as the person who burnt the damn holiday dinner 😦

So over some beers on our way to pick up pies, The Smart One and I came up with our own version.  In our game we encourage you to hand select who you think are best suited for each of the 5 statements.  Although we post that there is no cheating….there TOTALLY is 🙂  Here’s the scenario:

You are on a cross country NO WAY OUT road trip with your 5 best friends.  Who………

Made it a point to drag a random back to the hotel EVERY NIGHT  :  ___________________________

Commandeered the complimentary lotion from each hotel room and spent an awful lot of time in the bathroom.  (I don’t care what you said NO ONE can have that touchy of a stomach!) : _________________________

Required a trip to the emergency room after discovering that a ping pong show takes a lot more practice than currently available : ____________________________

Was caught being fisted by a midget wearing a French maid’s costume, at a truck stop and forced to raid the tip jar of the free coffee people.  Apparently this time it wasn’t on the house : _________________________________

Promised you that whatever you just saw…is perfectly normal : _____________________________

If you have any of those easily offended types on your page…you may want to hide them from seeing this game.  Cause the last thing you want to do is be confronted by Uncle Thomas at the next family  dinner with “Rwahh….What the hell is fisting?”.  And have to start explaining when the room, EVEN THE KIDS TABLE, goes silent!

I got a small package in the mail yesterday.  I remember being told that it was coming but it was still a surprise.  When I opened the envelope there was a home made DVD inside.  On the front cover was a picture of me, when I was five, visiting my great grand parents.

The letter on the inside of the case was the Christmas letter from a cousin of my mothers.  They sure had a great 2011.  Handwritten at the end of the letter was a note letting me know that they were pretty sure that it was me on the cover.  If I was anything like him with his brothers….he was glad he could give me the “one-up” for making the cover 😉

In my thank you note I made sure he knew…you don’t have to tell me who that is.  I KNOW it’s me!  It happens to be one of my earliest and most precious childhood memories.

I remember Ama telling me that I was going to go on an air plan with Gramma Pete.  This was a VERY big deal!  She chose me special. It must have been something about mom needing a break or Gramma needing some extra cash and taking a bribe to bring me along….cause the only way I have EVER been described as a child was “a handful!”  Either way….I was so excited to go.

I remember the white picket fence at the rivers edge, the pulley system I played with to bring boxes of pretend food to my kitchen and the hole in the floor you could spy on the laundry room with.  I remember the door flying open as Gramma rounded a corner on a busy street.  She hugged me and told me that she was glad I was buckled in 🙂  I remember playing at the beach with a little girl and meeting  bunch of other people that I was TOLD were family.  I had never seen them at MY house so just what kind of family were they?

The picture that made the cover was a picture I have spent a lot of time looking at.  Gramma took the same picture , cut it into a circle to place in a 70’s orange and yellow plastic flower and hung it in her sewing room.

When Gramma passed away there were a couple of items that I wondered if it would be alright if I had.  #1 was the shelves of nick knacks that also hung in that room.  I played with all the little toys and figurines that were on them when I was supposed to be sleeping.  The other #1 were the yellow and orange flowers.  I put them in my closet just above my dresser and jewelry box.  I got to see them every morning and start my day with thoughts of my special trip with Gramma.

I was overjoyed with the emotions that this act of kindness brought to my day.  Truly what the holidays are all about 🙂 !!

I am getting a head start!

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Family and friends, Rant

I have deemed myself the Family Fretter.  I worry all the time.  Like the Kinsey Six said “if I didn’t have something to worry about….I’d have something to worry about.”

I worry if you are mad at me.  I worry if I said or did the wrong thing at the wrong time or on the wrong day or in the wrong crowd or otherwise just super wrong on all sides…..thus causing you to be mad at me.

I worry if there is a family member down, sad, upset or suffering in any way.  I worry about everyone having a place to spend the holiday or any other special event. I worry when I don’t hear from people every so often…again the first thought is that I have pissed  you off.

HA! HA! HA!  I seem to have a complex about pissing people off 🙂

It just occurred to me today, when I was ranting to Hubz about something that it turns out…I made up in my head.  I realized how much of the story I was ASSUMING.  Isn’t that the funniest thing?  I had convinced myself of the outcome based on MY feelings and MY perception of something as simple as not returning a voice mail.

HOW FRUSTRATING!  So I am going to start my NEW New Years resolution.  I am going to quit caring so much.  I resolve not to let anyone but ME control how I feel.  I would prefer to surround myself with only people who know how much I love them and that I would never intentionally do anything to hurt them.  If I say that I am sorry then it means I truly didn’t set out to screw things up…it just happened.  And even if the reason is silly…can we agree that I am an no where near perfect?

I can’t wait to let this go!  I mean if it burned calories to worry….you all would have already had the ANOREXIA intervention.

As we approach our 6th year of marriage….I am going to have to make an executive decision in that THIS year will be our golden wedding anniversary.  NORMALLY you take the date and the number of years so it WOULD be our 26th Anniversary on the 26th of August.  But I am not sure Hubz is going to live that long so we might as well just celebrate it now.

Ever since he hurt his back, Hubz has been sleeping with an extra pillow.  Last night, he decided to do a little reading before he fell asleep.  Next thing I know, the extra pillow is brought to my face and rested on my head.  At first I was all “Um, Hello?  What the hell is this for?”  but then he explained to me that he was trying to keep the light from bothering me.  AWE!  HOW SWEET right?…..just wait…….

When he turns out the light and rolls over to begin sawing, I asked “So… you usually just leave the pillow here?  Do you not want me to look at you at night?”

To which he replied “Oh, no….I usually put it here between my legs like the doctor told me to.  Matter of fact, it spends a lot of time near my nacho…so if you smelled something on the pillow, that was it.”

In a disappointed tone I told him that he just took something so sweet and turned it into something DISGUSTING!  He said very matter of factually in return….”yeah, and I am going to do it again tomorrow.”

For sale:   One gently used male with the very best of intentions but absolutely no clue.

Christmas Wishes

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Family and friends, Rave

Wishing all my friends and family a Very MERRY one!


What did you get?